Where compassion meets action. I AM here to serve and serve I AM through teaching the art of meditation and mindfulness. Please enjoy my site and I welcome hearing from you and how I can serve you. Blessings. Mike Ware
The application of the practice of mindfullness is endless. Their are a great number of people suffering today from children to our veterans. Many have experienced trauma of some sort. Through the practice of meditation and mindfullness one can transcend such trauma. Many marriages end in divorce today and leave a wake of suffering for all and often especially the children. I know this can be different and I can guide the family through to healing. I revel and delight in working with children and teaching them how to simply be themselves and give them practical simple tools to remain centered in their daily lives. Perhaps their is no greater gift then that of mindfullness for and with your children, to simply be present so that they may be as well. I welcome the opportunity to serve you and your children.
  Others that I can offer this practice to are expecting mothers and their families, veterans suffering from PTSD, young men who are lost in not having a positive male role model, police and other first responders who witness trauma, families who simply want to be more connected, individuals who desire to be more present for themselves and then others, couples who wish to take their relationship to a deeper spiriitual level, religous groups who wish to learn how to meditate/pray, businesses and companies who wish to grow as an organization and be more productive through mindfullness, and anyone who needs healing through learning how to trancend and control your mind and hence live a life of happiness with less suffering. Once one learns to be present a whole new world emerges, one that already existed but you simply were not present enough to experience it. Blessings and Namaste.